Performer Highlights 2 – Constance Mears, Howlin’ Hobbit, Ky Burt, and Cavegreens

The Arts in Nature Festival is proud to highlight the following performers:

Constance Mears
  Add twigs, moss, leaves, and lichen to a large birds nest, tucked along a forest trail. The Dream Hatching nest also provides participants the context and an opportunity to contemplate, clarify and commit to a Dream they’d like to bring to life. Following the metaphor of nesting and gestation, people of all ages are invited to write a Dream on a piece of paper and place it in the nest. Visually enchanting, the Dream Hatching interactive display invites meaningful engagement. Check out her all-day Dream Hatching installation outside the Pond on both days!
Howlin’ Hobbit
They play jazz standards and original tunes on a mere eight strings with a touch of humor, occasional tight harmonies, and constant fun. Hobbit & Hare are: Howlin’ Hobbit, ukulele and vocals; Andrew Hare, upright bass and vocals. Check them out on Saturday, 11:30 am to 1 pm by the Entrance!
Ky Burt
Ky Burt is a Portland, Oregon, based multi-instrumentalist (acoustic and electric guitar, five-string banjo) with influences spanning from old-time and bluegrass to indie rock and avant-garde folk. Burt pulls inspiration from a wide vocabulary of American root forms to create a sound full of stunning imagery and melodic depth. His lyrics tell a story of miles traveled, landscapes gone by, lovers won and lost, and the search for a sense of place in an ever increasingly complex world. He will be performing at Nancy Stage, on Sunday 11:15 am to 12 pm.
  Cavegreen is the collaboration between Eleanor Murray and GianLuca Bucci, creating electro-pop original music that combines earthly drum and dance beats with light, dreamy melodies, a soundscape that is both grounded and ethereal. The songs sing about the profound human connectivity to the elements of nature, inspired by ancient philosophical traditions. Their new album, Vita Lucida, is one to dance with, dream beside, and ponder with.

GianLuca writes the lyrics based from his studies in environmental science and ancient and modern philosophical traditions of the earth, while Eleanor has created the music to share this knowledge. Eleanor performs their live set solo, playing electronics, drum loops, and piano live as she sings the songs from their new album, Vita Lucida. Cavegreen’s style has been described as dreamy yet grounded, with beats keeping the pulse and feet moving, while Eleanor’s voice lifts us up.

Cavegreen will be performing at the Lodge on Saturday, 12:15 pm to 1 pm.