This year’s Arts in Nature Festival features three local food trucks that will be serving delicious snacks and refreshments all weekend long. Thanks to Gai Box, Picnic and POP UP for joining us!


Gai Box

“Gai is the Chinese word for chicken and the Japanese word for “outside”. Together they seemed to be a perfect fit for one of our newest mobile food concepts. Chicken & Rice is a signature dish around the globe. Our locally sourced chicken is poached whole with fragrant herbs and spices, and the rice is cooked using the broth. Simply delicious.”


“The nostalgia of a warm summer drive, picnic basket in tow, finding that perfect spot to lay your blanket while enjoying a good hand-crafted meal is forever a part of us. When you visit Picnic, we bring that experience to you. Enjoyment with friends and colleagues or simply flying solo, Picnic serves up wholesome, hearty sandwiches, healthy NW seasonal soup, and a few craveables!”


“A tribute to the fondest childhood memories of chasing down the ice cream truck, POP UP will bring the child out in you. Our yummy local, artisanal ice cream, gelatos, sorbetos, ice cream sandwiches and popsicles will remind you of what it was like to eat or lick fast on a hot summer day so that melted sweetness doesn’t run down your arm! We give you fun summer tunes to help you ‘get away from it all’, even if it’s just for a moment.”