Yin Yoga Experience

Imagine a yoga class where each long, melting pose comes with live bass music.
Where deep, looping harmonies send vibrations through your body as you sink into bliss.
Yin Fusion Yoga Experience, with teacher Shawnda O’Briant-Noone and musician Rosemary Ponnekanti, is yoga that will take you on a journey of peace, beauty and deep stillness.
Yin Fusion Experience is perfect for an outdoor setting, connecting yogis to the sounds and spaces of nature around them. Depending on the time of day and participants, the Experience can be a slow yin class that holds simple poses for long periods to allow the body to unravel, or a more flowing energy that warms and nurtures.
As Shawnda guides the class through the poses, Rosemary plays sweeping, improvised melodies over deep harmonies via a looping pedal and double bass (like a cello, only deeper). The final Savasana (resting pose) is a meditation in music, allowing the mind to soar free and the body to surrender to the low vibrations.
Yin Experience can last from 60-90 minutes. Requirements are a smooth clean ground space and power outlet. We can supply a few mats, or participants can bring their own. Clothing should be layered and comfortable.

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