Art and Nature Installation Highlight 1 – Melanie Reed, C. Wyly Astley, James W. and Janie Washington Foundation, and Michael Sauder

The Arts in Nature Festival is proud to highlight the following All-Day Installations:

Melanie Reed – Throughout Camp Long 
“Offerings” Scavenger Hunt, by Melanie Reed, with assistance from Robin Walker, David Sokal and Angela Davis. The green flowered mailbox at the entry provides the first clue to seven outdoor art pieces located at various places around the perimeter of the camp, each embodying a different nature spirit. At the end of the hunt, you’ll receive a gift based on your favorite spirit.
C. Wyly Astley –  Cabin 10
I seek to create a beautiful, comfortable place for people to both listen to recorded stories about hair and to tell stories about themselves with regards to their own hair.  I will use natural materials such as wool, cotton, silk, hemp, wood, metal, stones and hair to take best advantage of the cabin’s lighting to create an inviting, safe space to hear and share intimate, sometimes emotional, stories about hair.
James W. and Janie Washington Foundation – Cabin 4

The Dr. James and Janie Washington Center’s mission is to preserve the art, writing, and lifetime works of Dr. James Washington Jr and share the Washington’s vision through the preservation, interpretation and showing of Dr. Washington’s works, studio and the family’s gardens and home

Through the art, philosophy, and the life stories of Dr. and Mrs. Washington, the Foundation endeavors to illuminate the bond between creativity and spirituality by emphasis in the universal wholeness seeing expression through everything . This wholeness synonymous with what we mean when we say God, has the power to bring stone to life.

Michael Sauder – Cabin 8
The “Listening Center” is about interactive and intentional listening. Come get swept away by cosmic drones and soundscapes. Sit amongst the unexpected atmosphere and control the volume of your experience. Stay as long or short as you wish.